Life in a Bottle – A Yeast Parable

yeast parable bottles
Take a bottle.
Add some live yeast.
Give them plenty of sugar.
Protect them from disease.
They reproduce.
Life is good…

Until they drown in their own excrement.
We call this wine.

In every bottle a few brighter yeast cells look around…
Resources dwindling.
Poison spreading.
The result seems clear.
Panicking, they cry:
“Wait! Stop! Can’t you see!
We’re destroying the whole bottle!”

The response is always the same…
“Calm down.”
“We’re doing fine.”
“It’s just the natural cycle.”
“What of our jobs?”

Billions of bottles, yet none have ever listened.

Take a planet.
Add some humans.
Give them plenty of resources.
They invent medicine, protect themselves.
Oh, how they reproduce.
Have some wine! Life is good…

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