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Life in a Bottle – A Yeast Parable

Take a bottle. Add some live yeast. Give them plenty of sugar. Protect them from disease. They reproduce. Life is good… Until they drown in their own excrement. We call this wine. In every bottle a few brighter yeast cells … Continue reading

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More reasons to stop burning fossil fuels

Have we really considered all the effects of increased CO2 concentrations? I am afraid there are many more consequences that we are not yet aware of. First of all, CO2 is not an inert gas. Perhaps it’s good for plants, but it’s poison to humans … Continue reading

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Mind is Dead

What a ruckus there was among the neurons. Dendrites were flailing, synapses sparking. It seems that the biologists among them had worked out their genetic code and found that they shared greater than 98% of their DNA with the other cells … Continue reading

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